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When you have that special person in your life, you want to do everything together. When couples start to do daily new activities together they go from being a regular couple to a power couple. Become a Power Couple today!

couples who bubble bathwww.PowerCouplesGuide.Com

Andy & I are a fairly new couple with the same mentality of wanting to become the ultimate power couple. We are both completely different people with different tastes in food, activities and hobbies. So when Andy tells me he wants to go skydiving or bungee jumping I am totally ready to pee my pants, but I do it anyways. Being a power couple is all about compromise. So Andy just smiles when I say the words: wine, brunch and spa days. Whether you are a new couple or if you have been married for years, becoming a power couple takes work and here is our guide for it!

Couples Who Bubble Bath

Couples Who Bike

Couples Who Brunch (Hard)

Couples Who Cook

Couples Who Yoga

And More To Come!

Thanks for taking the time to check us out!

Alex & Andy