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Unanswered Questions Into Friv 2015 Revealed

Unanswered Questions Into Friv 2015 Revealed

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GeForce GTX 580 – Fermi Done Right!

This is simultaneously the top kept and also the most brought up secret in the commercial right now. The GeForce GTX 580 – this has been rumored being anything from dual GF104 chips to a new monster concoction of epic proportions. Just about all the rumors started using it wrong until concrete evidence begun to disseminate with the leaky pipes in the supply chain. Even then, since the specs did start to bubble up to the surface, most of the people came on the wrong conclusions.It all started back in the March/April time frame, around when NVIDIA launched their first part built on the well-hyped Fermi architecture, the GeForce GTX 480. Reviews were mixed; it turned out the quickest single GPU about the planet, with no hassle. It was a tessellation monster and it is scaling in Friv Games, as much as 3-way SLI, was incredible. It was a great advance for gaming computers.But it turned out also hot and loud. And that was compounded from the press using open-air test beds to test the GeForce GTX 480 – which meant the cardboard had to do all the work in moving air over its hot components without the assistance of a well-ventilated chassis.In fact, it can be proven that the heat-stack vertical design from the MAINGEAR SHIFT custom built pc aided the GeForce GTX 480 in a way that it turned out dramatically quieter in 3-way SLI than an identically configured Corsair 800D chassis containing terrible airflow.The GeForce GTX 580 is really a fully-realized GF100 with all 512 shaders. It has higher memory bandwidth, and a higher core and shader clock. And it does doing this while drawing less power possibly at half the noise level. It’s the last two features that can blindside everyone. Once the specs made it through the rumor department to accepted, on-line „fact,“ everyone began to speculate it would appear to be a hair dryer and draw the energy generated with a flux capacitor. And require 1.21 jiggawatts and 88mph to return soon enough.In reality, NVIDIA created a wicked vapor chamber a la ATI Radeon 2900XT, threw the exposed gigantic heat pipes, and were able to tweak the style to draw in less power, all while delivering around 20% more performance.I was sufficiently fortunate to get get to try out a MAINGEAR SHIFT with both 2-way GTX 480s and 2-way GTX 580s and can explain to you some numbers. So let’s begin.By now you might have heard the numbers, and recently the rumored specs have solidified in the truth. Yes, it’s 512 shaders. Yes it is clocked at 772MHz and delivers 192.4GB/s of bandwidth.Here’s what we shoved right into a SHIFT for this test:Core i7 970 @ 4.135GHz 6GB of DDR3 2000MHz memory Rampage III Formula 128GB Crucial RealSSD C300 And all the remaining.In comparison towards the Nvidia 480, you see any where from a 10-20% surge in performance. There is plenty of reason to get enthusiastic about this though. Dual GTX 580′s consumed about 40 watts lower than dual GTX 480′s. And you wouldn’t believe the amount quieter they’re. It is striking. Unfortunately I didn’t bring a SPL meter with me, but NVIDIA reports it is more about 50% quieter. I do not doubt for the second that’s an exact assessment. I was floored.Can you see Billy Mays selling this thing? „THE NEW NVIDIA GTX 580 IS FASTER. IT’S QUIETER. IT USES LESS POWER! AND BEST OF ALL, IT’S THE SAME PRICE. THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS, THE ALL NEW GTX 580 IS NOT ONLY THE WORLD’S FASTEST SINGLE GPU ON THE PLANET, IT’S THE SAME PRICE AS THE GTX 480! BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. BUY THE GEFORCE GTX 580 AND GET FREE(!) SUPPORT FOR CUDA. FOR 3D VISION. FOR PHYSX! ALL OF THESE COME BUNDLED IN THE NEW NVIDIA GTX 580 GRAPHICS CARD!“OK, so maybe it’s only me. But in either case, this bad boy is replacing the GTX 480 in my book, ASAP. EVGA now offers a Superclocked version for those of you who still want „MOAR POWAH!“