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Trends in Apartment and House Moving:

Trends in Apartment and House Moving:

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This would leave you thinking that moving companies are going out of business, but the total number of people moving each year has gone from 28.7 million up to 35.7 million and appears to be stabilizing with about the same numbers of moves. Not surprisingly the vast majority of local moves are in apartment with three times more apartment movers than house movers.

Moving has been listed as one of the three greatest traumas in a persons life so the stress can be overwhelming. Recent studies show that the only two higher stresses are death of a loved one and divorce. Not surprisingly these two factors also commonly involve moving.

72% of people say that to reduce moving stress they prefer to have a flat rate or fixed price on their move to remove the budgeting stress of hourly moves which can seem to go on forever when „the slower they work the more they make“. You can actually go online and calculate your exact move price and get a flat rate at www.aptmovers.com Where you can enter an inventory, move data and price you move, schedule it and even pay for it online.

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