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The Hays Travel Independence Group (IG)

The Hays Travel Independence Group (IG)

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hay day hack iosThe Hays Travel Independence Group was formed in 1995 and was designed to help independent travel agents get the best of both worlds – the support of a large travel industry organisation, without compromising their independent status and identity.

Whether the travel business is a new start up or an existing agency struggling in the current climate, joining the Hays Travel Independence Group provides businesses with full ABTA, ATOL and IATA bonding, low rate credit cards charges, state of the art technology, as well as vastly reduced administration costs.  

Emphasis is placed on recognising that each partnership is unique and requires a tailored package to suit the nature of each individual business. There are some businesses within the consortium who are in constant contact with the head office team, sharing ideas and support, while others are completely independent and like to just get on with their thing.

A key ingredient to the Hays Travel Independence Group’s success is their passion for travel and people; Hays Travel is the UK’s largest independently owned travel agency. And with over 30 years of experience they have real insight into the business. With a dedicated support team they can offer a personal service, helping every member to reach their goal of running a profitable agency. All members benefit from regular visits from dedicated Hays Travel Independence Group Area hay day hack Sales Managers and are invited to a twice yearly conference – a UK one in early spring and an annual overseas conference in the autumn.

Group Sales Manager, Linda Pyle, said: „It is really important to us that our members feel supported and we pride ourselves on the service and support we offer. We’re all off to Barcelona next month for our overseas conference, where the agents get to share ideas, network, get updated by head office teams, as well as provide us with feedback.“

Alongside this support, membership allows agents the space to concentrate on running their business in their own way, allowing a truly independent status and identity. This means agents decide their own marketing, discounting and racking policies, whilst getting top tour operator and supplier commissions and overrides. As an independent agent within the Hays Travel Independence Group you can really concentrate on maximising sales and profits, whilst reducing your operational costs.