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The Art Of Adawaying

The Art Of Adawaying

  1. Описание

Подробно описание

adaway apkAdAway is an open source advertisement blocker for Android utilizing the hosts document. It needs Android >= 2.1 and ROOT get to. Highlights


AdAway is Open Source and Free Software (GPLv3+)

AdAway gives you a chance to choose your own wellsprings of hosts documents

You can add exemptions to your Whitelist if an application isn’t working when particular hosts are blocked

You can characterize additional hostnames in your own particular Blacklist

You can include your own (hostname, IP)- matches in the Redirection List


Android variant: 2.1

ROOT required

Read/Write access on framework Partition

Issues can happen on some HTC gadgets when framework Partition isn’t writable!






Promotions are not blocked when on versatile information association!

AdAway won’t work solid when on Mobile Networks like 3G. You can deactivate that intermediary by setting off to your chose APN (On Android 4: Wireless and systems - > More… – > Mobile Networks – > Access Point Names) and evacuate the incentive in the intermediary field.

Promotions in Chrome are not blocked!

Debilitate Chrome’s Data Compression Proxy.

Commercials in Application XYZ are not blocked!

Take after this Guide to locate the relating hostnames and how to report them.

Application XYZ quit working!

See this rundown of tricky applications for a workaround. On the off chance that your application is excluded fill a bug report and seek after offer assistance.

Back catch in Android’s Browser quit working!

Empower the neighborhood Webserver in adaway apk‘s inclinations as a workaround.

Are there more has sources that can be utilized?

More Hosts sources can be found in the Wiki on Github.

Redirection Lists for blocked spaces in China

Add Redirection Lists to your Hosts Sources to divert blocked DNS solicitations to the right IPs in China. This hosts source contains redirection rules for Google, Facebook, and other. (You have to empower „Permit redirection rules from Hosts Sources“ in inclinations)