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Organic Wear

Organic Wear

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Lately we hear about the rise of organic products and the advantages they represent for our health as an alternative to the conventional ones ; cosmetic line is no exception: our skin is exposed to constant aggression, especially with make-up and creams of daily use that far from embellishing, produce more damage tha wellness and at long term diseases. Mask eyelashes, lipstick and other cosmetics, require chemicals for its production such as mineral oils (see what is actually mineral oil.) Parabens and dyes, involve animal cruelty. In case you loved this informative article and you would love to receive much more information relating to Raspberry Ketone generously visit the web page. Fortunately the market offers new forms of personal care, free of chemicals and made from natural ingredients, one of them is ORGANIC WEAR, an Italian firm, brings you the most complete and innovative line of makeup and care for sensitive skin, it can be found in the more fine powder compact, lipstick and even mascara with extension effect – incredible isn´t? Here some details of this innovations.

Organic Wear Powder – he finest Italian powder with buildable light to medium coverage. two shades blend together for the most natural finish. get it translucent medium or sand beige. Hypoallergenic fragrance free dermatologist tested Eco-blend™ featuring OrganiSoy™ & Eco-Olive™ Organi-Soy™: Helps even out skin tone and texture to restore skin smoothness Eco-Olive™: Natural antioxidant helps shield skin from harsh environmental aggressors.

Organic Wear 2-in-1 Bronzer & Blush Powder The Perfect Pair For A Custom Glow. Bronzer Adds Warmth And Depth For A Naturally Tan Glow While Blush Naturally Enhances And Accentuates Cheeks For A Radiant Glow. Easy To Use 2 In 1 Product Allows Shades To Be Used Individually Or Layered For The Ultimate Sunkissed Natural-Looking Finish.