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Office Feng Shui

Office Feng Shui

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cho thue van phong quan 3Feng shui tips for the office

A successful office is not only dependant on the productivity and work done in the office, but also in the interiors and feng shui of the office. With the implementation of the right feng shui in the office, you will definitely find harmony and make more fortune in your work. Feng shui office always can produce a better and productive environment for everyone, the reason we go for the feng shui office is to create a harmony work space.

The first feng shui point to remember is to have a room that is either square or rectangle. Offices are not productive according to feng shui. This rule is apparently applicable to both domestic or home offices and corporate offices.

The building you have your office in should not have larger buildings towering over it. Your building should at least be equal, if not taller than surrounding buildings. This is to ensure that this form of negative energy is kept at van phong quan 3 bay. Besides the shape of your office and the size of the building, you have to keep the position of the office in the building in mind for effective feng shui. According to feng shui, the boss’s office should always be away from washrooms and the entrance so that the energy flows properly in the office, at all times. In addition to this, with the boss’s building in the middle of the floor, you will find your business flourishing better.

Placement of office desk, and which is your sitting orientation in relation to your office layout is a main key for a succesful feng shui office.

This is the beauty of the feng shui which can improve our daily life for betther. Keep a look out for more feng shui tips for a successful office……

By Mastersifu

Easy and simple to be applied feng shui tips to enhance living life!