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Obama visits Indonesia

Obama visits Indonesia

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The U.S President Obama recently made special visit to Indonesia. In the 20 hour’s „hometown tour“, Obama and the President of Indonesia Susilo talks and visited the largest mosque in Jakarta and Indonesia University.


According to analysts, Obama’s Indonesia trip is just one of the new Asian strategies. There are two purposes. One is to ascend America’s impact in Asia, the other one is to improve the relationship in Islamic world through the country that has numerous Muslin populations. 


On the news conference, Obama emphasized that the United States will strengthen economic and trade cooperation with Indonesia and rank Indonesia as its first trading partner from the third one as soon as possible. He also promised to convene American businessmen and investors to seek business opportunities in Indonesia. Suilo said that the United States has immense economic potential and Indonesia is a rapid developing country, so the economic cooperation between the two countries will be a broad prospect.


During the visit, the leaders of the two countries signed a partnership agreement which is aimed at promoting the cooperation between the two countries. According to the agreement, there is cooperation on trade, investment, education, energy, environment and national security.


The United States and Indonesia are traditional allies in the 1970s. In the late 1990s, the United States aborted most military cooperation with Indonesia. The trading relationships between the two countries also fell subsequently. In the 21st century, the relations between the two countries are improved, but many cooperation projects are still suspended.


This year, the secretary of the state and the defense secretary visited Indonesia successively. The military cooperation between the two countries has been resumed and other aspects of cooperation are under way. The Indonesian thinks that Obama adjusts Asian strategies so that it can return to Asia. As the largest country in Southeast Asia, Indonesia granted becomes the focus of America.


The common side of the United States and Indonesia is to strengthen economic and trade cooperation. Both the slow recovery of economic in the United States and the rapid development of economic in Indonesia need mutual help from each other, especially for Indonesia. It needs America’s capital and technology. According to official statistics in Indonesia, the total investment of the United States in Indonesia is 1.57 billion dollars in 2008. And in 2009, it increases to 1.71 billion dollars. The Indonesia government hopes the Unites States can make more investment in non-oil and gas field.


How long is the way between Indonesia and the United States remains to be seen in the near future? Of course, we hope the relationship between the two countries can be long-term so that we can change the world better and better.


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