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Oakland Raiders Fail At Turning The Corner: Lose To The Chiefs

Oakland Raiders Fail At Turning The Corner: Lose To The Chiefs

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The NFL power rankings in week 16 are no doubt something of a disappointment to New Orleans Saints fans however bring back a sense of wish to those who root for the New york city Giants. Chargers fans are still riding high – as are Colts fans, for the mighty Indianapolis Colts go to 14-0 in their bid for a best season.

Houston Texans at Raiders Marshawn Lynch Jersey – Simply when the Raiders appear to lastly be putting things together, they end up missing out on an unusual 3 field goals in a video game they ought to have won. Texans win.

This Halloween you can dress as your preferred bicycling boxer. For this computer game costume all that is requirements are some white shorts, a black t-shirt, and some boxing gloves. Or you can wear a pink jumpsuit and jog all over.

The AFL sent the Kansas City Chiefs as its agent. This group was directed by head coach Hank Stram and quarterback Len Dawson. The Chiefs had the most reliable offense in the offense-heavy AFL, in addition to a good defense based around a strong extra and a stars in their front seven.

So, thanks to his partner in criminal offense Asomugha and the sad state the Raiders are currently in, Chris Johnson earns my vote as a prime IDP sleeper pick. Simply imagine if you are lucky enough to draft the Titans’ Chris Johnson and grab the Raiders’ Chris Johnson in the later rounds you might call your group „Johnson & Johnson“! Hey, it’s not that daunting of a name but at least it’s simply as intimidating as the Raiders. On second thought, you might be able to develop a good dream football group core with all the Johnson’s (Andre, Calvin, Larry and both Chris’)! But remain away from Brad.