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Lighthorne Heath Homes Are National Barometer

Lighthorne Heath Homes Are National Barometer

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Lighthorne Heath It’s a small village near Leamington spa in Warwickshire. Not unlike many old villages in the United Kingdom it has a history that dates back well over 1000 years, but it has been a relatively quiet place, until now.

phong kham da khoa quoc teIt is remarkable in that it has been picked by the political parties as the centrepoint of the UK as far as house prices are concerned. Both property purchases and letting in Lighthorne Heath are within nought point one of a percentage point of the national mean average.

This is a remarkable situation and it is believed that no one specific location in the UK and perhaps the world has ever been such an accurate barometer of purchase and letting prices for residential properties.

Situated as it is near Morton Morell, Gaydon and Leamington Spa in Warwickshire, Lighthorne Heath, Lighthorne Heath. It’s self is a picturesque if on assuming village. Until recently it had no history of accommodating rental properties whatsoever. However the increase in the academic population from the Birmingham universities means that many people have bought and built homes in the Lighthorne Heath or Morton Morell area with the express aim of renting them out to students

With property prices in the news all the time over the past two years on an issue such as negative equity have real problem for many homeowners, we have found an increasing number of high-level political figures have visited Lighthorne Heath to see at first hand what the exact national average situation is.

Analysts have stated that Phong kham da khoa quoc te to buy a house in the village is actually slightly more difficult than you might imagine. The average amount of time a property for sale remains unsold in Lighthorne Heath is seven months. This situation is reversed for property rentals where the village boasts a residential fulfillment time of under six weeks. Again this is a very accurate measure of the way in which society has changed and the greater percentage of families who now wish to live in rented accommodation be they students or otherwise.

Warwickshire in general, and Leamington spa in particular are both areas where property prices are substantially higher than the national average. However both have an acute shortage of rental properties and outlying villages such as Lighthorne Heath offer those looking to rent a home in the area and affordable alternative with a relatively small commute involved.

With plans afoot to increase student population around Birmingham and Warwickshire by as much as 12% over the next five years, areas such as this will be more in demand as time goes on. It is expected that an expansion in the surrounding villages of Morton Morell and Gaydon, Which is ostensibly already through planning permission, will be taken up by the rental sector in pretty short order.

Expansion such as this does not come without a price. Lighthorne Heath has had problems with various infrastructures and utilities that need to be in place for residents and homeowners alike. The local water authority has plans to increase the ball size of the domestic pipework and even discussions regarding a new reservoir. The local transport authorities have been stretched and there is increasing pressure for what seems like a commercially viable bus route to be added through these villages.

How long Lighthorne Heath Remain such an accurate indicator of both rental and freehold properties is yet to be established. It is already hold this strange position for seven months. The Guinness Book of Records have visited and noted this in their „peculiarities“ section. I wonder how many people who read it will actually understand what it means.