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Koi professional aquarium design in  District 4

Koi professional aquarium design in District 4

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Подробно описание

cach lam loc nuoc cho ho ca ngoai troiDoes indeed koi pond performance at home should not?

Placing koi or garden right at outside the house not only attracts people to your home but the way to relax at home enjoying the surroundings of fish with normal water. Not just that, koi aquarium also has many great features such as:

Improve the value of your home: koi fish lake shows luxury, beauty and class.

Bring good fortune: Japan believe koi is a miracle fish that brings prosperity and good luck.

Joy and entertainment for the whole family: there is something unique about watching colorful creatures. The whole family, especially the children, will really enjoy this.

Koi fish ponds are easy to take care of: you may use some natural methods also to maintain and clean your Koi pond. These methods are the addition of barley extracts, reduced feed and beneficial microbial additions.

Looks of the Koi fish tank

No-one can deny the beauty of koi aquariums, although you may have hired a skilled designer to design your aquarium for you or design your own target as well. The ho ca koi binh duong fish aquarium itself has helped bring elegance and style to your garden.

Where is the best koi seafood farm?

Our koi aquarium tank has a team of professionals who’ve been doing this work for many years, can promise the quality services that many non-professional units can do with the following process:

Step 1: Survey the actual situation

Area, amount of water, number of fish to drop in the lake, design in modern style, classic…

Talking to necessary circumstances to suit the needs of customers from the system, filter process.

2: Detailed design

Drinking water treatment technology is traditional – modern capacity suited to the amount of the pond.

Decoration: natural stone, solid wood, imitation wood…

Get thorough perspective drawings, construction sketches.

Price quotation of development materials…

Step 3: Development according to drawings

Rooting the soil, creating a deep bottom and tank reservoir lake.

Construction of the lake in line with the design images has been approved by the investor and installed filter system.

Step 4: Into the water, micro-treatment (micro-set)

Commissioning system.

Pressure test if necessary.

Normal water treatment.

Step 5: Check water quality, ph level

Carry fish (provided by the customer or provided by the Lake of the Arts) and follow up the fish’s reply to the stock to make a statement.

Stage 6: Check the focus of nitrate, nitric, phosphate