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History of French Cuisine

History of French Cuisine

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The history of French Cuisine is as interesting as the tastes it embodies. When we talk of French cuisine, we know that dishes are going to be part of the most distinguished cuisine in the world and that they possess an elegant culinary style which is associated with their style of preparation.

mam com vietDue to a lot of social as well as political transformations the French style of cooking has evolved gradually with loads of versatile quiche creations, such as Bouef Bourguignon, which is a beef dish prepared in red wine. The French have always treated food as an art and thus seasoned every dish heavily.

During the medieval era, French Cooking involved a great deal of presentation and preparation. The sauces that were prepared were thick, full and had a lot of seasonings added. Not just this, but the addition of mustard to the meat also started in this era.

It was in the 19th century that sauces became the foundation of dishes in France. And by the early 20th century the French kitchen was divided in to 5 main stations and was called as the „brigade system“. These stations were Pastries, Roasted grilled and fried food, sauces, cold dishes, and soups and vegetables.

Each region in France possesses its own unique and traditional style of cooking its cuisine. There are various regions in France that are known for their specialty in popular food and drinks.

There are highly impressive fruit preserves that are cultured in Lorraine, and the ham is scrumptious in Champagne. Normandy is known for its „moules a la crème Normande“. And then there is the coastline of France that specializes in exciting seafood http://www.bookmark4you.com/user/2478824-mamcomviet dishes, that includes sea bass, the herrings, scallops, as well as sole. In Brittany recipes of lobster, mussels and crayfish are popular too. In the North of France, the thick stews with cauliflower as well as artichoke side-dishes are one of a kind.

Not far behind are the famous creative salads such as „Salade Aveyronaise“ (lettuce with tomato, the Roquefort cheese, as well as walnuts in the Aveyron). Cote d’ Azur is popular for its „Salade Niçoise,“ that includes black olives, various other ingredients with tuna.

Crepe, a pancake cooked thin and made from the wheat flour is a popular dessert. The fillings as well as the toppings are never-ending, from cinnamon, berries, nuts, bananas, chocolate sauce, ice cream, maple syrup, jellies and jams to soft fruits and powdered sugar. Other French desserts are chocolate mousse, choux a la crème, tarts, and loads of delightful pastries.

And finally, the egg recipes constitute exquisite omelets, seasoned with herbs and spices, and of course marjoram, fennel, lavender, tarragon and sage.

Over a period of time, French cuisine has evolved to even higher and higher levels of ‘artistry’. Even today, French cuisine is hailed as one of the world’s best cuisines in the world.