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Gal Gadot's husband's 'Wonder Woman' shirt

Gal Gadot’s husband’s ‘Wonder Woman’ shirt

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Gal Gadot’s husband has got some jokes. @jaronvarsano/Instagram

The INSIDER Summary:

Gal Gadot’s husband just proved that he’s his wife’s number one fan in a recent Instagram post.

Yaron Versano wore a „Wonder Woman“-themed t-shirt that said „Your Wife, My Wife“ alongside Gadot.

The tee is only $18 but is absolutely priceless in Versano’s circumstances.

The two have been happily married since 2008 and have two daughters.

With all the hype surrounding „Wonder Woman,“ we’ve seen some prettybadass merchand some uber-adorable fan cosplay too. No one admires the film’s leading lady, Gal Gadot, more than her own husband, however, a fact he just proved by rocking the best „Wonder Woman“ apparel we’ve seen yet.

Yaron Versano, who’s been married to the 32-year-old actress since 2008, was photographed next to his superhero spouse for a now-viral shot in what just might be the greatest shirt of all time. Featuring two female graphics standing side-by-side, it shows a female outline next to one of Wonder Woman and reads, „Your Wife, My Wife.“

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