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dental implants portland

dental implants portland

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dental implants portland,Welcome to Our Practice: At Columbia River Dentistry we provide locations in Portland, Vancouver, and Gresham

Our dentist vancouver teams are fully committed to providing excellent dental care; our patient-centered staff is proud to bring you the highest standard of service and care available. Here at Columbia River Dentistry, we pride to take care of you and make you part of our dental implants portland, family the best dentist portland .

Using the most advanced technology, our dental team will provide you with informed, personalized, and gentle care you deserve, all in the comfort of our offices. Here are just a few things that set us apart-

First Dental Implant: What You Should Expect

Okay, you have already made up your mind to undergo your first dental implant. At this point, you might be feeling a bit nervous and anxious, wondering what will happen during the process, if it hurts, and the time you need to recover. Calm down. It’s not as complicated as you think.

Although a dental implant is not a simple procedure, a Top Dental Implant Dentist in Portland, Gresham, and Vancouver, can give you a brief idea on what to expect to answer all the questions you have in mind.

Let’s start with the process itself.

The Processes Involved of emergency dentist portland

1. X-rays

A Top dentist gresham Implant Dentist in Gresham will have to perform an x-ray to be able to make evaluations on what has to be done. To determine the condition of the bones and the gums, a 3D CT scan, a panoramic x-ray, or a simple x-ray will be performed.

2. Take Impressions

Of course, the dentist should be familiar with your mouth. That is why he takes an impression of your mouth. First, he gets the right size metal or plastic impression tray. And then, he fits it using a soft liquid like polyvinyl siloxane. The patient will then be asked to bite the U-shaped impression tray. In a minute or two, the liquid will set and turn into a rubber mass. At this time, the dentist will ask you to open your mouth to remove the tray and bring it to the lab for processing.

Just take note that the whole impression process might be very unpleasant, especially if you have a very active gag reflex. A quick tip though, don’t worry so much about it and think about the results. Also, you can count on your dentist. Do not hesitate to ask.

3. The Extraction of the Tooth dental implants portland If the damaged tooth is still there, it has to be extracted. This process can be done together with the insertion of the implant.

Generally, before the process begins, the dentist will explain what sort of anesthesia will be used. If it is the injection of lidocaine, then rest assured it’ll be a painless procedure.

After the tooth extraction, you will be asked to avoid drinking using a straw, smoking, blowing your nose, or even spitting within 24 hours. If you do so, chances are, you will experience pain due to a dry socket.

4. Implant

Once the tooth is extracted, the dentist will use a drill to create a hole in the jawbone. It’s like getting rid of a cavity. Usually, the dentist will have to create an incision in the gums to somehow expose the bone, which makes stitches necessary. After that, the dentist will insert the implant for your tooth to have an artificial root.

This process might take one to two hours, but you can still make your way home after that. However, you might be asked to feed on soft-food for a week.

5. Abutment Placement

As the incision you created heals, the dental implant starts to fuse. This may take weeks to months. Once the implant is stable, an abutment will be positioned on top to have a connector for your crown.

6. Crown

Finally, the permanent crown will be attached to the abutment. That’s it.

Isn’t that easy? Go see a Top Dental Implant Dentist in Vancouver, Portland and Gresham, and book an appointment.