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Business English for Meetings

Business English for Meetings

business english for meetings, english for meetings

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Language School Astoria Group presents you its online course Business English for Meetings presents all the speaking skills that you need in order to participate in a meeting with confidence. The course contains the expressions needed in typical everyday business meetings – from informal chats to formal meetings.

The online course Business English for Meetings consists of 20 units, which present different areas that you might come across in a meeting. Unit 1 deals with how to arrange a meeting and also includes expressions needed when postponing a meeting.

Business English for Meetings includes useful expressions for people chairing the meeting, as well as for the other participants. You can also find out how to draw up an agenda and write the minutes for both formal and informal meetings.

Price: 64 leva

For further information visit our website: Business English for meetings

or do not hesitate to contact us on the telephone: 0895704234. You are also welcome to our office in the city of Varna on the address – 1, Musala str.