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All the places you can get free food for voting

All the places you can get free food for voting

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Facebook/Krispy Kreme

lowes promo codeVoter turnout in the US is typically low — 40% to 50% of the electorate generally doesn’t cast a ballot at all. The simplest way the country could boost turnout would be to pass a law that requires all Americans to vote


At least 26 other democracies around the world — including Belgium, Turkey, and Australia — already have mandatory voting. But the US is unlikely to enact such a policy

for a variety of reasons — Republicans would likely oppose such a law because turnout generally helps Democratic candidates, enforcement would be a challenge, and many Americans don’t like being told what to do by the federal government.

Another way is to simply provide small incentives

that encourage citizens to go to the polls. Lowes promo code And a lot of restaurants, stores and businesses around the country are doing their part to encourage Americans to vote by giving stuff away.

Here are the freebies your ‘I Voted’ sticker can get you today:

A cup of hot coffee at 7-Eleven

You can get any size cup you want, but you’ll have to do it through the 7-Eleven app.