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10 Best Automotive Floor Jacks For Sale Reviews In 2017

10 Best Automotive Floor Jacks For Sale Reviews In 2017

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When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, owning the right tools for the job is essential. In the case of the floor jack, the only place it can go is up, no matter if there is a massive vehicle atop the piston. In our reviews section, I’ve given you my list of the 12 most popular floor jacks with reasonable prices. This is the best car jack as it has the capacity to lift loads of up to 6,000 pounds or 3 tons, which is quite impressive.

Cars with low ground clearance typically are easiest to lift with normal hydraulic floor jacks. It also features an extension screw that can be turned before lifting your automobile for added height. Of course, everyone has different budget limits but if you want to buy the best floor jack then you will need to spend around $200 to ensure that you get one of the highest quality that is also reliable.

We would recommend purchasing a jack that is at least 0.5 tons stronger than the weight it needs to lift, as you might add extra weight to the vehicle without necessarily noticing it – for example if you have recently gone on holiday and have left most of your things in the car you would be looking at a heavier weight than usual.

Here are the three main types of car jacks that you will see people use to work on their vehicles at their home. This high end jack is used mainly by professionals in their shops because its beefy steel construction and sixty seven pounds of weight make it less than portable.

The overwhelming majority of floor jacks that you are going to have the opportunity to get your hands on aren’t going to have lift ratings all that much higher than say 21 inches or so – especially if they are rated for up to 3 tons of capacity. While it could live up to its name better by offering more than 13 inches of lift, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better floor jack at such a low price.